Animal friendly beauty products/ Productos de belleza no testados en animales


Last friday I did spa at home, my body and mind needed it. Tomorrow I will start the university and I'm a little bit nervous because everything is new, I thought it was a perfect ocasion to relax myself in this way and to feel pampered.  so I found a "healthy" way to use cosmetics. In this post I will show you some animal friendly beauty products. Is always better to soak for at least 15 minutes your body in a nice bubble bath with some candles around before to start. Unfortunately I don't have bath in my parent's flat so I changed the bath for a nice shower with  essential oil. You can use lavender essential oil for a relaxing feeling or orange any citrus fruit essential oil for boosting your energy, use it with candles and let yourself involve for the fragance.

Step 1 and 2

Before the bubble bath/shower apply the Scrub, in this case I'm using the Himalaya collection from Rituals. (100% animal friendly) The scrub is made with sweet almond oil and Indian rose. It's a purifying scrub and acts with depth. 
After the bath/shower apply the Body cream, in this case, I'm using the Himalaya collection as well. It's made with Indian roses and Himalaya honey. It has a very smooth  touch and it's very rich and nourishing. 

*During the shower use the soap from the picture of the step number 5.

Step 3 

Let's clean the face, perhaps it sounds  strange clean your face after the shower but it's the best way to eliminate all of the impurities,otherwise all of the impurities from hair and body will go to the face.
The first step is to remove all of the makeup, in case you have it. After you had remove your makeup, clean your face with a creamy wash. In my case I'm using the Tea tree collection from The body shop. This collection is indicated for people who have spots. The Cool & creamy wash will clean your face leaving it spotlessly without over-drying. It's completely organic and animal friendly. Apply as a soap, rinse with water. 

As you can see I put the cream in the picture, but we will use it after the face mask, normally if you use these products daily, you can apply the skin clearing lotion after the cool&creamy wash. When I'm not doing spa, I'm using both of it in my morning routine, because it gives me a fresh and menthol sensation that help me to feel awake. 

Step 4

After cleaning your face, apply a face mask and relax for 20 minutes. You probably noticed that this face mask is different from the mask of the cover picture. This is because I want to explain you the benefits of each other. Both of them are from Montagne Jeunesse. You cand find them for 1,79 € and the quality is great. The same brand has products for hair, and feets. As you can see in the top picture. All of the products are animal friendly and vegetarian. About the face masks, both of them are  DETOX, the first one (from the cover picture) is for the black spots and this one (top picture) is for detoxify oils and impurities. Both have a peeling effect. 

While you are waiting for the face mask you can soak your feets with warm water mixed with the feet soap from the top picture, the grapefruit fragrance will eliminate any bad smell. After you have soaked your feet for 10 minutes, apply the foot lotion, the methol fragrance will relax your feet.

Remove your face mask with warm  water and a facial sponge. 

Step 5

This is the soap I used and I really recomend you to try in the shower or bath. It's from the Himalaya collection from Rituals. Is a completely yogi flow soap with an Indian rose and sweet almond oil fragrance. It has a foaming shower gel sensation. 
When you finish your spa, perfume your body with a non-alcohol fragrance. I used this one from Rituals as well, it's a chakra water with the same fragrance of the other Himalayan products. I also recomend you a non-alcohol fragrance with rose fragrace. 

This ritual will help you feeling pampered and relaxed, try to repeat the experience once a week, you'll feel renovated. It worked a lot for me, I was completely nervous at the beginning but when I finished I could listen my inner self. Better if you choose the weekend to do Spa in your home, because you'll take off all of the negative impurities of the week, and you will make yourself ready to start a new week completely fresh. 

In conclusion, home Spa is good to relax and to listen the needs of our body.


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